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You can usually find Nomad's Bazaar in a buzzing festival field or magical woodland fair.

We have traded happily all over the UK for the last 15 years, with our four children in tow,

meeting so many wonderful customers and beloved festival family along the way. 

After many years of knowing our customers wished we had a website, so they can buy from us all year through we have finally made it!

This is for you!

If you are new to us we hope you love what we have to offer.

All of it is thoughtfully and consciously chosen for you to love for a lifetime but not cost the future.

Our Festivals and Events calendar is taking shape, we hope to see lots of you in a field this year.
Please come and say Hello if you see us, we be delighted to meet you. 
Love and Peace Always.
Amy & Sharul. 



Nomad's Bazaar has grown organically and authentically along with our young family.

Becoming parents suddenly makes you care more about everything, especially the future,

and with that the realisation we wanted  to make better choices for our children, and subsequently for our customers.

Nomad's Bazaar turned it's back on "plastic fantastic" toys and gadgets, which included many of our best sellers.

We started making our own unique flags and rainbow ribbon wands and filled Nomad's Bazaar with delightful, sustainable,  goodness.

Thankfully our business has thrived as a result.  

All our toys are sourced within the UK & Germany.

Anything from further afield is Fairtrade.

We are super proud to represent our suppliers and truly appreciate their hard work in conscientiously producing their goods in a people and eco friendly manner.

We look forward to our range expanding in the coming months, as we are no longer limited by what we can carry!

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